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Who We Are

We Are DHB

The Foundation is an initiative of a team of Belarusian activists and experts who have set a goal to provide feasible assistance to Belarusian civil society, as well as political organizations and public organizations whose activities are aimed to promote democratic values in Belarus.

We cooperate with a number of leading international political institutions, organizations, and foundations in order to achieve our goals.

The headquarters of the Foundation is based in Warsaw, a dynamic, fast-growing metropolis with an active Belarusian diaspora, but our contacts and working relationships extend far beyond the borders of Poland.

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What We Do

We support a number of projects aimed at promoting democratic values in Belarus

Independent media

Support of projects in the sphere of Belarusian and international mass media aimed at fighting disinformation actively spread by Belarusian and Russian dictatorships in order to disorient the international community and the Belarusian democratic movement. Dictatorships are historically inclined to hide the truth about their crimes and further criminal plans. That´s whythe faster and better we work on exposing them, the weaker will be the power of the dictators.

Inclusivity and Human Rights

We aim to shape a society where respect for human rights, gender equality, and inclusivity are not just ideals but the foundation of our daily work. Our task is to ensure equal opportunities for everyone, focusing on principles of openness, equality, and respect. Our goal is to create conditions for the full realisation of every individual's potential and contribute to the development of a fair society. We believe that achieving justice and equality in Belarus and globally is possible through collective efforts, education, and ongoing dialogue.

Analytical support

Support of projects on writing high-quality analytics - articles, reports, policy briefs - to draw international attention to the problem of dictatorship regimes in Belarus and Russia, to the themes of repression, international risks and threats, as well as projects on counteracting the growing risks in the zone of permanent political crisis in Eastern Europe. We believe that the conflict potential of our region will only increase, which is why Belarus is particularly at risk due to its special geopolitical location. Ensuring the security, independence and possibilities of self-realization of the Belarusian people and Belarus as a national state is still not given attention, and we aim to change this situation.

Reform program

Support of the activities in the sphere of further development of Belarus, starting with the period of the transit of power, the first free elections and up to the further steps of the independent national state of the Republic of Belarus. These issues, despite their apparent irrelevance, may unexpectedly quickly become a priority in the event of a historical window of opportunity. We do not believe that now is the time for loud debates and public discussions, but all the necessary work must be done and its results must be prepared for implementation in the future.

Our Partners

We cooperate with political institutions, organizations and foundations

The list of projects is sensitive information and is available to the foundation's regular partners.

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